David van Ballegooijen

Ux, Lean UX Design Strategy, and Interface design in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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⬇︎ Download my resume: bit.ly/resume-davidvb ↺ Previously at Cloud9 IDE, eBuddy, Travix/Easytobook

✪ Minimal effort makes me sneeze!

➽ I am a passionate Sr. Designer with appropriate design skills for web & mobile, plus a truckload of Start-up, B2C & B2B experience. I've been designing things for as long as I remember and used photoshop since version 2.5 on my dads "386"
Besides interface or mobile app design I have experience with 3D, VJ-ing, and Motion Graphics. Next to making usable interfaces that "just work", I also love designing icons and well, pretty much anything really. I always aim for simplicity, consistency and natural interactions. Furthermore I have experience directing other designers, teams of developers and other stakeholders in both Lean & Agile setups, and played part in Cloud9 IDE's management team.

The past years I got sold on Lean UX principles and my position within Cloud9 allowed me to develop my Creative Direction skills, which I intent to keep refining and pursuing. My work, more often than not, comes with an clear overlap of marketing targets/thinking/or best practises. “I probably enjoy solving complex interaction challenges more than easy ones.

Recently I have had the honour of getting a requested feature implemented into Photoshop CC 2014 (Placing external PSD’s in another psd!) which became it’s flagship feature. Nevertheless, I have started using a pretty new badass design program, named Sketch, which is well on it’s way to becoming my design application of preference thanks to it's performance and flexibility.

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    • iZiTRAVEL
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    • Art Academy
    • Digital Media Design
    • BA-MA
    • Graphic Design