David Fox


Increasing Effectiveness: By uncovering hidden issues - and value - I help fellow entrepreneurs and executives build sustainable, scalable, profitable businesses. I know how to take nascent ideas and apply them to solve real world challenges.

Always Curious: My finely honed ability to collect, connect, and engage with new ideas means I'm always seeking out the latest and greatest from the brightest minds and most innovative companies.

Decades of Experience: I've been founding, operating, and advising private companies and non-profit organizations since 1976. My entrepreneurial career began when I was ten, selling produce from my backyard vegetable garden. A few years later I stepped in to help realize the full potential of my family's retail business. In the mid-eighties with the launch of the Mac I began building one of Australia's most successful technology distribution companies. A decade later moved to San Francisco to start an internet ecommerce business which grew to serve over five million monthly visitors and was acquired in '99.

Accelerate! Starting, operating and scaling businesses is my life's work. If you're committed to transforming your good ideas into a great business, and ready to accelerate the process, let's talk. Call me at 415.264.217o.