David W. Keen

Writer, Operations Manager, and Creative Director in Ontario, Canada

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I lead a sort of double life.

I have over 15 years of Operational Management experience in the business world — building and managing teams that are fiscally responsible and get the job done in a number of industries.

At the same time, I’m an experienced and passionate creative — a journalist, writer, editor and designer.

It’s this balance and blend of skills that makes me unique. I’m able to think analytically, manage budgets and staff and still be able to create a logo, a webpage, and the copy to fill it.

I'm a freelance writer and communications specialist with an array of interests: I love sports of all kinds, especially European football, basketball and baseball; I'm constantly inspired by literature, film, design, architecture and advertising; and I'm a ravenous politics, culture and news junkie.

I recently contributed regularly to TourCouncil.com, a creation of the International Golf Performance Council – a body of the world’s foremost golf experts who work with the game’s most elite players.

I'm a Journalism graduate and when I can find the time, I write for my own editorial blog, David W. Keen Online. I co-founded the Bremen Fife Football Club, an amateur soccer club, for which I also serve as President and Director of Communications.

I’m a die-hard Manchester United supporter. I live in Canada’s Niagara Region with my wonderful wife and two amazing daughters.

Some of my Specialties:
Writing and Editing, Verbal Communication, Journalistic Writing and Interviewing, Content Creation, Branding, Social Media, Graphic Design, Strategic Planning, Organizational Communications, Operational Management, Being a swell guy

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