David Woodmansee

A graduate of San Diego State University, David Woodmansee holds both a Master’s in Organic Chemistry and a Bachelor’s in Chemistry with an emphasis in Biochemistry. In late March 2010, David Woodmansee will complete his Doctor of Philosophy at Universität Basel in Switzerland, where he has been studying since 2006. In addition to finishing his degree, preparing articles for publication, and drafting his first book, David Woodmansee also oversees independent research projects undertaken by Master’s students.

Through his diligence and skill, David Woodmansee has positioned himself as a uniquely qualified member of his discipline, and he possesses both industry experience and extensive academic training. David Woodmansee has worked in laboratories at the Genomic Institute for the Novartis Research Foundation and is expert in structure activity relationships, high-throughput screening, and automated methods and robotics. Moreover, David Woodmansee is familiar with enzyme classes, including kinases, proteases, GPCRS, and reverse transcriptase, as well as disease indications like HIV, cancer, and various metabolic disorders.

David Woodmansee is a member of the American Chemical Society and the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry. When he is not engaged in research or writing, David Woodmansee stays active through yoga and cycling. David Woodmansee also takes advantage of Universität Basel’s location to make regular visits to some of the world’s greatest museums, from the Musée de Louvre in Paris to the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.