David Burton

Oceanside, CA

My latest Novel, Soul Retrievers, is available for E-book pre-order or paperback order from here.

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The sequel to Blood Justice, Blood on the Water, is now available in E and print editions from - http://bylightunseenmedia.com/botw.htm

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Yea! Got a very nice review for my novel Blood Justice. http://vampireforums.com/blood-justice-book-review

My new mystery novel, Passion Street, is now available as an e-book-- http://dcburtonwriting.wordpress.com/passion-street

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So, what about me? Here's my official, little, generic third person Bio that I use whenever I need an official, generic, third person Bio.

  • David Burton has been a boat builder, sailor, and custom cabinetmaker and has traveled by thumb, motorcycle, and sailboat. After traveling by motorcycle through Mexico, US, Canada and Alaska; building and sailing his own boats to Mexico, Tahiti, Hawaii, and through the Panama Canal to Florida, he turned to writing. He mops floors and collects trash for money, writes for a living, and is an unrequited sailor.

His first published book was a mystery, Manmade for Murder (retitled to Programed for Murder). Hell Cop, a supernatural adventure story, was his second published novel. Blood Justice, a vampire revenge novel, was published by By Light Unseen Media, in 2010. He has also written screenplays, including an adaptation of his Hell Cop and Fear Killer novels. http://dcburtonwriting.wordpress.com

My occasional What If? blog can be found at: http://davidburtonwriting.wordpress.com

I write because I like it. I write books that I'd like to read. Sure, I'd like to make some money at it. At least enough to buy a small yacht (nothing ostentacious!) and sail around the world. That's not too much to ask, is it?

  • Work
    • Writer (Novels, Stories), Custodian, Boatbuilder
  • Education
    • Some college, here and there, Life.