Michelle Munro

Homes encapsulate our lives. They are staging grounds for our most cherished moments, our most treasured places of comfort, and a reflection of our vision of the world. Buying or selling a home is much more than a business transaction – it’s an intimately personal transition in our life. That belief is the foundation for my work as a Realtor.

I emphasize direct, interactive communication. An engaged client is able to make informed decisions and creating that relationship is imperative to me. I am supported by the full strength of the W.C. & A.N. Miller Chevy Chase office as well as the Long and Foster Companies.

What it comes to is this: I layer trending technical applications atop traditional Real Estate principles to create a unique business model that ensures optimum results.

I am a DC resident with strong ties to the Metro area, having lived in Maryland and Virginia before settling in the District. I love the extraordinary diversity of our region and leverage my in-depth knowledge of the area to tailor my approach to the individual needs of each of my clients. I am there through every step of the journey, applying my knowledge, experience, and heart to making the process transparent, easy to navigate, and of course wildly successful!

My passion for Real Estate runs deep and is reflected in my work. I will be a fully vested partner in helping you navigate this vitally important life experience. Realizing your home dream is my goal and I will make it happen!

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