David del Moral

Translator and proofreader in Alcalá de Henares, España

Born lover of languages, literature and technology with a soft spot for heroic fantasy and videogames, I was eager to combine those hobbies and decided to study Modern Languages and Translation at the Universidad de Alcalá (2009-2013). Currently a freelance translator located near Madrid, Spain.

I currently work as an EN-ES proofreader for Wizards of the Coast LLC, dealing with texts, articles and short stories about the collectible card game Magic: the Gathering™.

I also work for some translation agencies —such as Interpret Solutions (based in Toledo, Spain) or LinguaVox (based in Vizcaya, Spain)— and dubbing and mixing studios —such as Enboca/Enpantalla Audiovisual (based in Madrid, Spain). With them I have dealt with a wide variety of texts, ranging from TV shows about huge cakes and wedding gowns to administrative texts about European regulations or technical safety handbooks for machinery.

I am always eager to overcome new projects, so do not hesitate to contact me if you think my skills might be suitable for your needs.

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