Dean Grey

CEO and Founder and CEO in Carlsbad, California

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I am a CEO currently living in United States. My interests range from technology to design. I am also interested in entrepreneurship and web development.

Throughout my career, I have always kept my finger on the pulse of the future. Because of this, I have created several technology-focused organizations that facilitate change on a global scale. My name is Dean Gray and I am the Founder and CEO of SKYLAB apps, a gamified social platform that allows brilliant minds to achieve greater impact by connecting, entertaining, and educating their international communities.

While traveling the world and performing in 18 countries, I discovered and honed my ability to entertain and recognize patterns in large groups of people. The confidence catalyzed by this realization propelled me to create my first company, KMI, where I decided to elevate from only entertaining people to educating young entrepreneurs with the fundamental skills needed to excel their careers. As KMI grew to over 200,000 clients, the company experienced the pain points any large international organization does: how to grow, train, track, reward, and recognize our growing global community?

To address this area of opportunity, I created a coaching platform to better serve KMI’s client base with state of the art trends in technology. Comprised of solutions such as Stay Connected Mobile, Defining Moments Publishing, and Zooplr, these valuable tools honored the visions of thought leaders and raised awareness for their movements globally.

In 2015, I founded SKYLAB apps, where I continue to equip, inspire, and lead the organization, as well as lay its foundation for expansion. In the creation of SKYLAB apps, I redefined the most positive social addictive behaviors such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Recognition Walls, and Content on Demand. I then integrated them into one platform allowing influencers to easily chat, educate, reward, and train their audiences. Serving as a mobile gamified social platform, SKYLAB apps is exclusively designed for influencers and brands to empower their fan base and facilitate change throughout the world.

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