Deanna Stull, PCC

Virtual - One world

Who are you? That's what I want to know...and really...that's what the world wants to know. Acknowledge and own that tiny voice that is deep inside of you dancing around, jumping up and down yelling "pick me! pick me!".

I want you to say - I DO PICK ME!! Live bold and authentically, free, luminously, be joyful of your wild crazy life.

This is it - your one amazing shiny life as you! Be authentic! Be Bold! Be revolutionary! Be visionary! Change the world!

AND take time for you, time to cultivate that inner being, time to regroup from life's business to just become! Life is full and really exciting Who are you? Are you really being you? Ask that of yourself daily- otherwise you will find yourself 10 years down the line and you won't recognize yourself in the mirror!

I am doing it and let me tell you something...IT IS AMAZING!! I am wild eyed and ready to live - I am crazy and intelligent and goofy, raw and polished, new and experienced, and ME! I live it...I coach it, if you want to join!