DeAnne Wingate

Public Speaker, Mother, and Writer in Charlotte, North Carolina

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  • Steward of Humanity
  • Evangelist for Conscious Capitalism
  • Committed to Compassion

DeAnne Wingate spent 14 years in the internet advertising world, culminating as a corporate exec in NYC. She had "everything", but was emotionally bankrupt.

DeAnne resigned from her job, moved to Mexico to surf for a year and then traveled to India in 2012 to work with girls forced into the sex slave trade and children living in slums.

Wingate returned from India in March of 2012, with a desire to prevent the exploitation of oppressed children. She saw first hand that education was the only hope for these vulnerable little ones. Thus, the seed was planted for Rippled Purpose.

Rippled Purpose is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that works with local change-makers to bring school to children living in impoverished communities.

Wingate ventured back to India in February 2013 with a dedicated film crew to show the world the reality of life for the oppressed and impoverished and offer a solution to ignite change -- education.

DeAnne also founded Blessed Lotus in May 2012. What began as a retail company to fund her mission has blossomed into a chic fashion line designed by Wingate. She is thrilled to showcase her first resort wear collection for 2015.

DeAnne passionately shares her message of choosing to live a life completely connected with the heart to groups around the country.

Wingate explored this subject in her eBook “Finding Meaning: From the Inside Out”. Her hope is to spread the critical importance of being in touch with our hearts and seeing each other as one. This, she feels, will change the world.

Wingate has also written a 7 day companion guide for overcoming fear. "Seeing Through Fear" provides the tools to live a bold life!

Find support and follow this journey along with her at FindMeaningNow.

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