Debra Jayne East

As a child, I always believed in fairy tales and make believe. The night would find me thinking up stories until I fell asleep. One evening we were sitting on the porch and we saw strange lights in the sky over the tree line. They hovered for five minutes then the lights on each end shot up at 45 degree angles and disappeared.

The next time I saw lights was in my teens. Late at night, my dog Bear started barking and my father and I went out to see what he was so agitated about. Up in the night sky, very low, was the three lights once again. They were close together hovering silently and my dog was looking up in the sky following them down the road. The strange thing is my dog had never barked at planes or helicopters before but this was different to him. He followed it for nearly a mile as we walked with him until it faded from sight.

The last time I saw lights was 15 years ago. My husband and son had went to town and on their way back home they saw a large craft hovering over a tree line close to our house. Once again there was silence and just the unblinking lights. They rushed to get me and when we went back, we followed it until they disappeared. The next day the newspapers reported more UFO sightings in the area than had ever been reported.

All of this deeply fascinated me to no end. I believe there are things we have yet to understand and learn about. God's Universe is so vast there is no way we can know everything. A few years back, I was deeply depressed. As I was walking, I suddenly reached down into the grass and pulled out a heart-shaped stone. It inspired me to believe that even though it was crooked and almost broken, it was still a heart and still capable of love. I feel it was placed there for me by an angel. I believe in things I can't see and things that I can't understand. I see with the eyes of my heart and that is enough.

Paranormal is not just things that go bump in the night. It's things beyond the realm of our understanding. That's why I love writing paranormal romance. My novel. Radiance:Love after Death will make you believe that true love never dies.Someday we will learn we are not alone in this Universe we call home.

I love being a writer. Let me take you to places you only dare to believe in your wildest dreams. Trust me, I have enough imagination flowing through me to make you believe what if it was true ?.....