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Debby Sharma is an enthusiast in the world of animation. She has been a member of virtual worlds since March,2012. She is a virtual journalist for The Torch:Entertainment Guide, SL Enquirer. She is also into building, animating and blogging.

For her blogging didn't happen by chance. She had been planning to share what she learnt with the world. Her blog was recognised by readers across the world which gave her the opportunity of opening premium gold account at feedspot (dot) com as a promo. She was one of the writers nominated for #ukba Awards, 2014.

Her articles speak for educational and social impact via the virtual reality. She is an inquisitive learner. When she is not at the events, she spends time volunteering for charity and fundraisers, reading articles, exploring, helping newbies and trying very hard not to be a shoppaholic.

You can reach her at debbyomresident (at) gmail (dot) com

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