Deborah Morrison

Public Speaker, Consultant, and Professor in Eugene, Oregon

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I teach creative and conceptual thinking, the value of good work, and how transformative brands can improve the world. I know that how we make and transform ideas is directly related to people's lives. How we work toward these goals makes for remarkable opportunity.

Experience tells me that developing strategic, empathetic, visionary talent for the advertising and brand profession is key to making a better community. In order to add value, our new generation of thinkers and makers must take on wicked problems of climate change, social justice, sustainability, and technological responsibility as they solve problems for people, brands, and issues in a global economy.

In 2019, my book "Brave Work in the Age of Climate Change, A Creative's Guide to Advertising and Brand Messages in Complicated Times" will be published. The intersection of creativity and climate activism is an area rich with possibility.

At Oregon, we've begun the Master's in Advertising and Brand Responsibility this year. Explore here for more information.

I have the privilege of working with University of Oregon faculty and students on Science & Memory, a project to report on complex issues of climate and environmental change. The site and our wonderful field journal show what invested storytellers and strategists can accomplish.

Be brave and generous, my friends. It's what we can give the world.

Incredible photo at Sheridan Glacier, Cordova, Alaska by Kyra Bailey.

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