Deborah Dyson

Prince George's County, MD/Washington, D.C.

I am a Motivational and Community Speaker with emphasis primarily on the matter regarding HIV and AIDS. HIV/AIDS impacts us individually and collectively. We have all lost either family members, friends or know of those who have experience loss and suffering from this disease. However, I am a “living” and I say “a “Living” witness that, with God by our side, we can all claim that being infected is “not” a death sentence.

At the tender age of twelve (12), I became a victim of sexual assault. To put it more bluntly, I was “rape”. I was also addicted to that substance we call “alcohol” and “narcotics”. But through it all, I knew and to this date know that nobody but the Spirit of God, residing deep in my soul –kept me. Through the suffering, I knew that My God would keep me from falling if I would just hold on and wait for my newer season of God’s mercies and grace. For I know he has a greater work for me, even now at the young age of 55.

I now know that YOU can also make it through-that is if you have the desire in your heart to press on and even make a difference.

I was a volunteer on several sexual assault initiatives, including but not limited working with Ms. Cherly Banks and others at the Prince Georges County Hospital.

In Jesus Name!