Deborah K Bates

Writer, Public Speaker, and Mentor in Gold Coast, Australia

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Author | Creative Mentor | World Traveller

Writes: to inspire, engage, transcend
Mentors: to free the chained spaces
Travels: to experience the cultures of the world

With a purpose to:
- to turn the mundane into a magical journey
- transform mediocrity into magnificent
- create a life beyond limitations
- awaken the soul, tantalise the senses, expand the mind

Awards | Nominations
* Featured in local & national media, television and radio
* Invited 3 times to Parliament House for national awards
* Nominated for Special Innovation Award - 'Write to Heal'
* Asked to give professional advice for the Big Brother show
* Earned numerous awards many notable achievements
* Received an Honouree Citizen of the Year Award
* Praised by distinguished luminaries
* Nominated for a Bravery Award

  • Work
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts
    • Diploma of Clinical Counselling