Deborah Tumlinson

Deborah Tumlinson is the owner of Incentive Marketing and Public Relations, which is a public relations firm that has been active in crisis management. She founded the firm in 1996 and has led it ever since. They mainly deal with negative press, working to mitigate negative press or re-purpose it to work for their clients. Deborah Tumlinson is a veteran of the public relations community, having worked in the field since 1991.

Tumlinson is also the author of a book called “Cancer Has Healed Me, Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually”. This very personal book is due to be released in time for Christmas. It is a novel that would make a great gift for others. It charts Tumlinson's journey from a distraught and confused individual suffering from breast cancer to a person living a happy, healthy, balanced, cancer-free life.