Debra K

For fifteen years, Debra K kept companies she worked with healthy, using her expertise to create spectacular customer experiences. But the 60-hour weeks this former Fortune 250 executive invested in her career had an adverse effect on her own wellbeing: she became an overworked, pudgy insomniac on the brink of a health crisis.

After too many grab-n-go meals, scant time to exercise, and a demanding climb up the corporate ladder, Debra found herself at the doctor's office, being handed prescriptions for everything from antacids and sleeping pills to anti-depressants. She refused them all, walking away empty-handed knowing there was a better way. She didn't just want to mask the symptoms of poor health and lifestyle choices – she wanted to change the way she lived.

After leaving the corporate world, she launched a successful wellness education company and began consulting in the spa industry. Now she's tackling her personal health challenges head-on, with a multimedia adventure that takes her across the globe in search of health secrets that can turn her, an average girl next door, into something a touch more spectacular. As host of the Journey into Wellbeing, Debra will stretch, juice, and zumba her way to better health - and inspire the rest of us to cultivate more vibrant, energetic lives along the way.

Debra's enthusiasm for health is contagious: over the years, she has become a popular speaker within the wellness industry and has been quoted in major publications like Woman's Day, Newsweek, Skin Inc., American Spa, Massage Magazine, International SPA Association (ISPA), and others. Now she's using that infectious warmth as she shares her personal health journey with others.

If energy is today's currency, most of us have overdrawn our health accounts. But with the head of a businesswoman, heart of a leader, and the guts to try anything, Debra's determined to replenish the reserves and bring us back into balance.