Debra Mynar


Currently chasing down a graduate degree in Adult Education with a focus on Distance Education from Penn State University. I did not discover my love for learning until campus tours with my daughter convinced me to give higher education a second try. I have now been forever transformed, not only by opportunities to learn, but also through shared experiences with other adult learners and educators along the way.

My mission is to achieve parity - among both adult and online learners - in available opportunities for communityin order tooptimize their learning experiences, personal development, and academic achievement. Most recently, this took the form of building Penn State's first student organization online which primarily supports adult online students pursuing undergraduate degrees in psychology. I welcome opportunities to collaborate with individuals, organizations, and communities in efforts to enhance the academic and social aspects of educational programs for adult and online students through the development, implementation, and/or evaluation of faculty training, course design, learning communities, and other support resources across a variety of formats and based on sound pedagogical principles.

What's next?