De'Cha LaVeau

Small Business Owner in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

One of the first principal actresses from Louisiana cast in the CW Network Series "Star Crossed" and the Director said, You really learned how to speak Alien? Yes, she did. On another feature Her DP told her, "De'Cha, I saw your clips from the shoot, you are great!" And those are the moments she lives for now. Born in Baton Rouge, La., De'Cha was an excellent student and athlete growing up. Who's Who Among American High School Students, All-American cheerleader, Varsity Track runner, and Beauty Pageant Winner. De'Cha was the All-American girl. Upon graduating she joined the United States Navy, was honorably released and selected to receive the Navy Achievement Medal. Eventually, she moved back to Louisiana to pursue acting. But modeling was still in her future as she won 2013 eTalentShowcase Model of the Year. LaVeau moves easily among the various genres -she's done it all. "My personality allows me to work in many areas of the industry. I never meet a stranger and my mother tells me I can talk to a brick wall. And, I try to do it all." The idea was to become a connoisseur of what she enjoys most. The problem, she says, "is that I love it all." That might come off as a bit contrived-sort of like the "world peace" and "cure cancer" answers at a beauty pageant -until you experience the full effervescence of this entertainer's personality. She. Does. Not. Stop. If sheer will can make you a supermodel, then De'Cha LaVeau is going to be the uber model of them all. When asked about her transition into acting, she said, "If I'm going to be an uber model, I guess I'll be an uber actress as well!" NEED A TV HOST? De'Cha is sought after for her hosting skills. Beginning 2013 she began hosting two TV Shows reporting entertainment news and has hosted a number of sports shows as well. She has been cast in multiple features "One Desperate Day" which is in post production and "ILLumiNATION" and is scheduled to work on "The Mob" feature film later this year. Not to mention the highly talked about "Big Sky". She has several short films and multiple other projects in the works as well. Stay tuned in and logged on and expect to see more of De'Cha LaVeau soon! Contributed to bio: Theresa Palagano

  • Work
    • Actress with Heyman Talent Agency - Louisiana
  • Education
    • Louisiana State University - B.A. in Political Science w. Honors