Bélgica Adela "Dedé" Mirabal-Reyes

I am the second oldest in my family and the only survivor the Trujillo regime. I married young to my cousin Jaimito Reyes, but divorced in 1984. I have three sons: Enrique, Rafael, and David. My husband and I were always in financial ups and downs, so we lived in the house I grew up in as a little girl in Ojo de Agua when my mom decided to build a new house for herself on the main road in Santiago. I never ingaged myself in any political outrbreaks against the regime because my husband was never involved, so I never became involved; but mainly because I didn't want to bring any danger to my family. With this did come some guilt because this caused much distance between me and my sisters. Today, I am a successful sales woman, just as my father once said; that I would become "the millionaire in the family." Many interviewers come to me to hear my story about my sisters and about the sister who lived usually around the anniversary of their death in November. Being the only Mirabal left, I am here to tell the stories of my sisters. To share their passions, their hardships, and their stories.