Deekron 'The Fitness DJ'

As someone who is really passionate about fitness and music, I have found a way to merge my passions, while helping people lead healthier lives.

As 'The Fitness DJ' I inspire and motivate people to exercise through music. My Motion Traxx podcast is top-10 on iTunes. It features high energy, fast-paced music mixes that are designed for running, Spinning and cardio.

Before launching Motion Traxx, I worked in the corporate world (Ernst & Young, Accenture) and graduated from a Top-5 Business school at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). I am proud to say that Motion Traxx has impacted many lives by motivating people to exercise much more than they would have without it. It even motivated me to run the NYC marathon in 2011.

To date, Motion Traxx has received 10MM+ downloads. I'm very grateful to our sponsors. Especially Gatorade. If you'd like to 'get in Motion', you can download our free mixes at: