Deepak Selvaraj

Atlanta, Georgia

Engineer. Designer. Grad Student.

I have a passion for computers, technology, CAD, engines, cars, pizza, vector art, sketching, photography, motion graphics, chicken, DIY, gaming, traveling, beer and coffee.

I've spent the past 23 years of my life living in 4 cities, going to 8 different schools, growing up on a coconut farm, visiting the Taj Mahal, mastering 11 design softwares, building all-terrain vehicles, owning 7 Apple devices, witnessing the turn of a millennium, cracking my skull open once, eating 224 kilograms of chicken and drinking 3,348 cups of coffee.

I have an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and am currently pursuing my Master of Industrial Design at Georgia Tech.

  • Education
    • Georgia Institute of Technology