Delos H. Yancey

Chairman, CEO, and President in Rome, Georgia

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Delos H. Yancey III serves as the chairman, president, and CEO of State Mutual Insurance, a legal reserve mutual insurer headquartered in Rome, Georgia. He is a Certified Financial Examiner, a Certified Insurance Examiner, and a fellow of the LIMRA Leadership Institute.

He is a family man, a father of three. During his time off work, he enjoys playing golf, hunting, and fishing. He is also a supporter of Habitat for Humanity.

About State Mutual Insurance:

Established in 1936, State Mutual Insurance is a legal reserve mutual insurer headquartered in Rome, Georgia. The company conducts business in 41 states and in the District of Columbia. Currently, the company’s primary product is Medicare Supplement Insurance. State Mutual Insurance is the first and only Medicare Supplement insurance company to offer online applications.

As a mutual insurance company, State Mutual Insurance does not have stockholders. The company is run for the benefit of and owned by its policyholders.

The company is known for its great customer service and outstanding record of providing benefits to its policyholders. Since 1985, State Mutual Insurance has paid approximately:

• $198,000,000 Dividends or 88% of earnings

• $178,000,000 Death Benefits

• $307,000,000 Other Living Benefits (including Annuity payments, Surrender Payments, Endowment Payments, Health Claims, and others)

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