Dena Patrick

Raleigh, NC

Throughout my life as a social activist-entrepreneur, I have always asked: How can we deliberately and consciously create a better world for everyone, not by striving to be perfect but by simply doing our best, with integrity and honesty?

And, my goodness, do I have ideas. Many, many ideas. Always have.

A few tidbits about me:

- I founded a forerunner to Taskrabbit back in the mid-80s; Executive Timesavers ("E.T.: Don't Phone Home, Phone Us").

- I created the first organic, socially responsible mail-order gift basket company in the late 80's.

- When I couldn't find a coordinator to volunteer for the 20th Anniversary Earth Day activities in 1990, I ended up becoming that person -- for the entire Mid-Atlantic Region.

- The day after Hurricane Sandy hit the NY/NJ area, I discovered via a FEMA friend that FEMA first responders didn't receive healthcare benefits. I started a petition and now they do. :)

That’s what a social entrepreneur does: You see a need involving The Common Good, and if there isn’t an existing viable solution, you work to introduce one which nurtures and builds a more wholistic society and economy.

Many of the ideas were embedded in Wishadoo!®, where we’ve been putting compassion, cooperation and community into action for years now. The backstory to why Wishadoo! was created can be found here.

Satellite, synergistic projects have been developed as the work at Wishadoo! has evolved. Our Good™ is now the parent organization, and serves as a portal to the various projects and initiatives.

Still other ideas are forming as I make new connections, crafting more pieces for this Universal Puzzle that is my life’s work.

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