Deni Dansmore

Deni Dansmore also known as Predrag Matić (born on April 19, 1989) is a producer and DJ from Serbia.He works with old disco samples mixed with fresh tech house and french house beats, groovy bass lines and a lot of real instrument samples. Originally he was a DJ in nightclubs during the 2000s in Majdanpek town where he was born. In 2008 he is coming to Belgrade to study and began to make house mixes and songs.

In 2010 he made "Happy Dub" with Dave Floyd and so began his professional career.

In 2011 "Happy Dub" was released on Pacha Recordings summer compilation.

In early 2011 he decided to create project called Babysitters with his old friend Deeplorg (Rade Marinković).

The same year he began collaboration with DJ Jazzy Rossco and saxophonist Jaksa Jordes from Croatia. They created a single called "Secret Love" signed on Ambasada Records owned by Dave Floyd.

In the meantime Babysitters (Deni and Deeplorg) and Jazzy Rossco working on a new single called "Hollywood."

At the end of 2011 Deni made "Impulses" and "Better On Ma Own". These two tracks have been signed for Austrian label Mjuzieek Digital Records owned by Roland Bartha (Pray for More). The track will appear on the "The Dansmore EP" at the beginning of 2012.