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Volunteer, Legal professional, and astrologer in Denver, Colorado

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Have you ever noticed the way your family upbringing has a large, undeniable impact on your psychology? If you take a moment and think about your primary ideas about your self image, belief systems(religious or not), lifestyle, and even your daily habits, you may be able to see how you either emulated or opposed the ways of those you were around most In your early years.

Who cares?

I believe that home is where the start is. It is the very foundation on which a person is built. Whether you are born a foster child or born into a wealthy family of 6, your upbringing impacts your psyche in conscious and unconscious ways.

Why is this important?

Well, I am a former middle-school educator who recently began a career in the field of family law, and in all of my work with families I have concluded that family is a crucial and necessary structure within our society, and it impacts each and every one of us both individually and collectively.

When I work with families, whether as a teacher, legal assistant, or volunteer, I learn much about how a person's history can shape her trajectory through life. This work has truly enlightened me to the dire importance of the family unit.

I believe that family matters much more than many of us want to admit. In in order for our society to continue to thrive, we must ensure that families are operating as strong units that can continue to contribute and innovate in our world.

I’ve got several books in the works dealing with self-esteem. I am a wife, mother, author, blogger, and chronic volunteer. I hope you check out my blog and leave a comment so we can connect!

  • Education
    • B.A. Spelman College
    • M.A. University of Denver
    • Arapahoe Community College