Denis Vranich

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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Denis Vranich leads UrbanLife Residential, a Hamilton construction business committed to green building techniques and the development and redevelopment of multi-residential properties in southern Ontario.

As part of the company’s focus on integrating and implementing green building initiatives, UrbanLife Residential is a licensed spray foam insulation and spray foam roof applicator.

Denis Vranich brings a wealth of knowledge to real estate development and has experience in industries that include construction, property management, as well as the hospitality industry.

During the late nineties, Denis was involved in acquiring and redeveloping various multi-residential properties in Hamilton, Ontario.

In 2002, Denis expanded his professional focus and began working with Quiznos Canada as part of a multi-area franchise development agreement with the company. The agreement had Denis acquiring, constructing and operating 13 Quiznos restaurants in Southern Ontario. As part of the franchise agreement with Quiznos Canada, Denis was one of only two franchisees able to construct their own Quiznos stores, which made Denis his own General Contractor for the build out of the restaurant locations.

By 2006, Denis had divested himself from his Quiznos operations, with most of his stores selling within months of their initial openings. Around roughly the same time, Denis began acquiring properties in Hamilton’s entertainment district, commonly referred to as Hess Village. In doing so, Denis’ primary goal was to reinvigorate excitement in the district and consolidate a fractured real estate market.

Over the next several years, Denis acquired 14 commercial properties in Hess Village that included several restaurants and night clubs in the area. One of Denis’ projects in particular, the Gown & Gavel, has become a popular summer mecca and has also been awarded the City of Hamilton’s Architecture and Urban Design Award of Excellence.

UrbanLife Residential and Denis remain focused on developing and redeveloping multi-unit residential properties that are superior in quality, significantly more energy efficient and, most importantly, less expensive to operate and maintain.