denise luk

Advocate in Portland, OR

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Denise is philanthropist working to address systemic change by prioritizing communities who experience disparities. Without this equity perspective, philanthropy actually continues the historic oppression faced by marginalized communities.

Currently, Denise is a Program Officer Fellow at Meyer Memorial Trust working on the Trust’s Healthy Environment Portfolio. She is part of the Momentum Fellowship program, geared to broaden the field of traditional philanthropy.

Denise is experienced in fundraising and organizational development through her work with nonprofits in Portland, OR such as PlayWrite, Inc. and Mercy Corps Northwest.

Prior to development work, Denise spent about a decade dedicated to animal welfare, environmental, and administrative law issues. She worked in private practice on a variety of cases and campaigns to hold polluters accountable for environmentally burdensome practices. She traveled to rural communities nationwide to help citizens navigate and participate in the regulatory and legal processes. She also worked as a community organizer on sustainable farming issues.

Denise graduated with a J.D. from University of San Francisco School of Law and a B.A. in English from University of California, Berkeley. In her spare time, Denise sings, creates art, and explores the world with her human and canine family.