Denise Rushing

Author, Speaker, and Energy Consultant in Upper Lake, California

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Co-founder of Product Frog and #1 Best-Selling Author

Expertise in Energy Technology, Marketing, Environmental Sciences, Permaculture

Denise Rushing lives at the intersection of technology and Earth advocacy. She devoted her early career to environmental stewardship through science and technology--earning a degree in environmental engineering from Stanford University and through her pioneering work in the energy industry including the launch of award winning energy efficiency and technology initiatives adopted by utilities around the world. She spearheaded market adoption of data-driven demand response and SAAS as VP of marketing and business development at eMeter, CellNet Data Systems, Invensys, and Sage Systems.

Most recently, Denise served two terms in public office, leading her county to two California environmental leadership awards and the largest public solar installation in the Western U.S.

Denise Rushing holds a B.S in environmental engineering from Stanford University. a Masters in Culture and Spirituality from Holy Names University and is a registered mechanical engineer. She is also a certified organic farmer and ecological designer.

Her personal mission is to re-enchant humanity's relationship with Earth’s living systems .

Clients include US and international energy and clean tech companies, and hundreds of individual mission-driven entrepreneurs.

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