Denis Maksimov

Brussels Belgium

Denis Maksimov operates within transdisciplinary intersections between art, politics and futures studies.

As political theorist and advisor, he specialises in political risks, ideology and EU-Russia-Eurasia geopolitics. As cultural theorist and curator, he researches notions of discourse, milieu, risk theories and 'deconstruction' as the research strategy in expanded field.

Denis consults companies, think tanks, political and expert organisations. He develops post-crisis communication strategies with an intelligent, appealing and culturally engaged approach. Denis closely follows contemporary conceptual trends and holds extensive multidisciplinary knowledge of the top-notch and state-of-the-art contemporary strategy concepts, such as Shared Value, post-capitalism, circular economy.

He occasionally gives lectures at the universities, organises seminars and art projects in Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Venice, Moscow, Sao Paulo, etc.

Denis holds postgraduate MA in Research of Art and Design from Sint Lucas University College of Art & Design at Antwerp Karl the Great University, MA in International Politics & European Studies and BA in Applied Political Science from Moscow National Research University Higher School of Economics. He was PhDc in Political Science at Moscow National Research University Higher School of Economics and had been working on research of political risks, institutions and foreign direct investment in developing countries.

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  • Work
    • strategic consultant
  • Education
    • BA Applied Political Science, MA International Relations, MA Research of Art & Design, PhDc Political Science