Denis Oakley


I grew up in Birmingham and Shrewsbury, UK before eventually ending up in the Far East. I've done lots of things - politician, reservist, entrepreneur, designer, engineer, consultant, transformer winder, post boy but now spend most of my time building better sales processes. I've done degrees in philosophy, electrical engineering, railway engineering and also have an MBA from Warwick Business School

I have a wonderful wife and three amazing children. I've done a couple of Ironman races and have done more marathons than I can easily remember. The best was when I did the Everest Marathon, the worst when I was hospitalised after a cross country jungle marathon. I enjoyed that too :)

Other than that I have a long and varied list of interests. I'm a top writer on Quora and make my own bread, bacon and other traditional english foods. I spend a lot of time in the jungle, am a passionate strategy game player and read scifi, fantasy and all flavours of history, economics and popular science.

My company, Oakley Steel, sells heavy steel plate to companies in the Oil and Gas sector for use in offshore projects. The plates are up to 30 cm thick and weigh up to 25 tonnes each.

I also run a strategy consulting company that helps startups and SMEs boost their sales and marketing through a focus on process and automation.