Dennis Wu

Software Engineer in Vancouver

I have been a developer for 15+ years and started working on some side projects of my own to escape from the 9-5.

Some of my projects:

Reprice 24/7

A Shopify app that helps you monitor competitors' price and automatically reprice your products to stay competitive.

Visa Job Offers
A job board only showing job offers that will sponsor your work visa. Perfect for people who wants to move to another country.


A Shopify app that helps store owners to manage their product images via Dropbox.

Volunteer works:

Hong Kong Society of Autonomous Model Vehicles
An organization to promote learning of Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicle, and Robotics throughlow cost hardware to local community and students to spark their interests oftechnology and engineering.

Everyone Be Able to Choose Their Most Suitable Form of Education

  • Education
    • MSc E-commerce and Internet Computing
    • BSc Computer Science
    • BSc Applied Mathematics and Statistics