Dennis Wu

Software Engineer and Maker in Hong Kong

I have been a developer for 15+ years and started working on some side projects of my own to escape from the 9-5.

Some of my projects:

Visa Job Offers - A job board only showing job offers that will sponsor your work visa. Perfect for people who wants to move to another country.

DIY Robocars HK - Organizer of DIY Robocars HK, a community of autonomous vehicle hackers who make and race autonomous RC cars on a budget.

AMZ Radar- A SaaS app that helps Amazon sellers to win the buy box.

SyncIMG - A Shopify app that helps store owners to manage their product images via Dropbox.

SlideHunt - A website that helps parents to find the best playgrounds around them for their kids.

ScanShop - A mobile price checking app that allows users to product price by scanning the product barcode.

EDiversity - Everyone Be Able to Choose Their Most Suitable Form of Education

  • Education
    • MSc E-commerce and Internet Computing
    • BSc Computer Science
    • BSc Applied Mathematics and Statistics