Dennis Behrman

Consultant in Dallas, Texas

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I build and market technology products that help companies make money. I am relentlessly focused on delivering value to customers and end-users while achieving strategic organizational goals. The products I have been responsible for have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

I bring to professional environments a unique combination of big picture thinking, pragmatic execution, analytical fluency, and a "do the right things" mentality. Among my professional circles, I am highly regarded for my broad business acumen, my ability to communicate clearly and compellingly, and my ability to build productive relationships across a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including executive management, technical communities, and customers.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball. I have a decent mid-range jumper and solid court vision. I am a drummer and have played almost a hundred gigs in the Dallas area, including the House of Blues. I am a geek and gadget freak who enjoys tinkering with anything electronic.

I contribute time and money to several worthy causes, including Wounded Warriors, and I will donate to almost any cause important to a friend. I co-founded, whose noble mission was to make philanthropy accessible to the masses.

Most importantly, I am the proud father of three and an adoring husband.