Dennis Freitas

Small Business Owner in Santa Cruz, California

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Welcome to my page.

Recently I had to leave my day job as a Firefighter after 28 years due to Bladder Cancer. I wont let this keep me down. So he fight is on! I hope to keep busy be creating some new exciting things here on the web.

I love Helping people get to know there tech devices. We are working hard to produce Podcasts and Screencasts that allow you to learn how to integrate these great geek toys into your daily life. We also are here to help you learn how to use social media, Photography, and all the other gadgets that make are life's so much easier.

I sure hope you find what we are doing helpful! Please let us know below all our links to my E-mail, along with all my social sites and multiple website are listed below.

Thanks again for stopping by, Dennis

  • Work
    • Mac Trainer
  • Education
    • Chabot College