Dennis Peter Kamoen

Consultant in Los Angeles, California

Dennis is a business development consultant and the quintessential top executive advocate. Prior to emigrating from Amsterdam to New York as a young boy, Dennis traveled with his fashion model mom to many European countries where he learned multiple languages.

Eventually settling in Westport, Connecticut, a hamlet for writers, actors, and musicians, Dennis grew up immersed in a sea of creativity. Around this time, Westport was also known as the Marketing Capital of the World. Dennis was privileged to know and work under the apprentice of unique individuals and top corporate executives who mentored him.

Dennis attended boarding school and established the beginning of his international network of friends and colleagues. He worked as a corporate courier between New York and London; the beginnings of becoming a truly seasoned international traveler. He attended college in New York and then started several successful companies in Connecticut and Chicago.

Today, Dennis works with top executives, individuals and companies in a variety of industries all over the world. His unique ability to utilize his interpersonal skills with all types of people, combined with his resources and extensive network of friends and colleagues helps his clients develop and enjoy successful solutions to their personal and business challenges.

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