dennis woodruff is a name you can trust the world of dennis woodruff is defined as acting driecting, producing, making movies artisic creating projects for tv and movies. world famous icon in intertainment biz and highly respected in the movie industry and tv biz. dennis has appered in over 2 hundreed tv shows about hollywood and made 16 indie films. when you get to the bottom of this page click the last and will take you to my page 2 and so forth till 16. toI have spent most my life learning the craft of filmmaking and also direct produce and star in my own movies. I found my true creative ability to be in the middle of films acting in them directing producing and starring in my movies like Clint Eastwood does. I started making friends with people making movies like me but I always made it clear that I wanted to make my own films. my projects with my own money I later got distribution from a company out of New York and the ball started to go forward in making money on my films, not out of my car anymore. I have climbed many mountains in hollywood already but have a few more to climb. I completed my first movie called denniswoodruff the movie 15 years ago about my life that was very funny then. I started selling copys on vhs out of the trunk of my car in L.A. for 5 to 10 dollars each.(everyone wanted one) I realize there was a strong demand for my product when I was driving around selling my movies out of my car. I thought that Hollywood was a perfect movie set outdoors and all I had to do was use my camera and create scenes and act with other actors create stories and make my own movies here on the streets of Hollywood. If you would sincerely like to reach me you may call my production company Dennis Woodruff Production Company at 323-848-7164 be sure and leave a complete detailed message. Your name, your phone number, and the name of your company and I will call you back soon as I can. sincerely Dennis Woodruff. I guess my instincts are good because i can now make top notch movies and tv shows that people really like around the world. really like. please check out all my stuff on these 12 pages with 150+ web sites to enjoy. go to the bottom of the page to click on the other pages ( if you like to reach me call me at DENNIS WOODRUFF PRODUCTION CO. 323-848-7164

I would also like to be offered parts in other peoples movies and tv shows and also do my own film and tv shows

If you like to try me out for your projects j