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It’s all well and good to visit your Richardson dentist during normal office hours. But what if you have a dental emergency during night, weekend or holiday hours? It’s not like your teeth or gums understand that having a throbbing toothache on Christmas, for example, is an inconvenience. The fact is, dental emergencies can crop up at any time and not being able to see a dentist during that time can be both physically painful and emotionally frustrating.

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So what should you do if you have a dental emergency and need immediate dental services? We’re glad you asked. We’ve come up with a few common dental situations that should minimize pain and maximize the health of your teeth and gums before you’re able to see an emergency dentist in the Richardson area.

Dental Situation #1 - Chronic Toothache

The problem: You develop immediate and serious pain in your tooth caused by a bacterial infection, gum disease or long-term dental decay. As a result, you may experience such symptoms as pain, swelling, tenderness and sensitivity to hot or cold foods. Many toothaches can also be symptomatic of other conditions ranging from gingivitis to even heart disease.

The solution: First, thoroughly rinse your mouth with warm water. Next, gently floss around the tooth to remove any trapped food particles. Should your tooth still ache afterwards, make an appointment to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist can properly diagnose and treat the root causes of your toothache, as well as prescribe long-term solutions that should prevent future outbreaks.

Dental Situation #2 - Damaged Tooth

The problem: You experienced a violent collision (such as an auto accident) that caused your tooth to become chipped, cracked or broken. In some cases, the tooth may have been knocked out of your mouth entirely. Such sudden trauma to the mouth area will also likely result in bleeding and swelling inside the mouth. Other related problems may not show visible symptoms but should def