Ricardo Sosa

research and Consultant in New Zealand

Kia Ora, I’m Ricardo Sosa.

For the last 27 years my work has been driven by a curiosity to learn and a desire to make the world a more just, inclusive, and enjoyable place for all.

My work in research, education, and professional practice is guided by this question:

How can we strengthen our creative and imaginative capabilities to orient social change towards better futures?

This question has led me to work in partnership with indigenous communities, specialists across disciplines, and industry partners. It also led me 20 years ago to pioneer the study of design creativity using computational social simulations.

Here are some starting points to my work:

  1. Sosa, R. (2022). Other worlds are possible: Advanced computational and design thinking in South Auckland, In Miettinen S. et al., (Eds.) Artistic Cartography and Design Explorations Towards the Pluriverse, Routledge. link
    1. This paper presents ongoing work in partnership with a local high school.
  2. Sosa, R. (2021). Designerly research and researcherly design skills, mindsets, and methods for revolutionary practices. DAT Journal: Design, Art and Technology, 6(2), 386-402. doi:10.29147/dat.v6i2.408
    1. This paper presents a critical view of identity formation in design and research.
  3. Sosa, R. (2022). Generative allegories of oppression and emancipation: Reflecting with computational social models. Diseña, (21), 7-7. doi.org/10.7764/disena.21.Article.7
    1. This paper summarises the work I pioneered using computational social simulations to better think about the role of design to change society.

This video provides a 10-min overview of the project “Creative Futuring”: https://youtu.be/c7GdboWQCBU

Portfolio links:

  1. Google Scholar profile: scholar.google.com/citations?user=B6kpYOQAAAAJ&hl=en
  2. Monash: monash.edu/mada/about-us/people/ricardo-sosa
  3. ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0002-3678-0702
  4. AUT: academics.aut.ac.nz/ricardo.sosa
  5. LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/creativeprototyping
  • Work
    • Monash University & TenX
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    • Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana