Desiree Sousa

Warren, Rhode Island

I am the owner of Out & About Travel and author of Gay Travel Information.

Out & About Travel is one of the most recognized and well respected names in gay & lesbian travel. In business since 1999 we are considered "pioneers of the gay & lesbian travel industry" and have clients from around the world.

In 2010 I started Gay Travel Information. I was looking for a creative way I and my colleagues could share honest, respectful opinions of the many businesses and events we frequent.

What sets Gay Travel Information apart is that we don't just focus on "the usual" LGBT owned bars, cafes and inns and we don't just focus on businesses that list themselves as "LGBT friendly" because of an affixed rainbow sticker on the front of a window or flying rainbow flag outside their business.

Gay Travel Information spotlights the HIPPEST and HOTTEST spots that offer the best experience for EVERYONE in a warm, welcoming environment.
After all, most places these days will label themselves as LGBT friendly. We only spotlight businesses that offer a truly great product. Something we are proud to give our "stamp of approval" to based on factors such as ambiance, service, crowd and quality of product.

My goal is to help the LGBT community support each other and our allies. I want my clients to truly feel welcomed at the travel destinations they visit, the hotels they stay at, the restaurants they eat at, the clubs they dance at, the events they attend and feel good about the companies they support.

Need help planning your next getaway? Want your business, event or product spotlighted on Gay Travel Information? You can reach me at

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    • Owner of Out & About Travel
  • Education
    • La Salle Academy
    • Rhode Island College