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Why a Responsive Web Design is the Best Option?

As the adoption of tablets and smartphones increase, so does the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. If search engine optimization (SEO) is a main component of any digital marketing strategy, then having a website that is able to be seen on mobile devices is becoming crucial. In many cases, hiring a Web Design Des Moines company can provide the changes that are needed for this; however, understanding a bit more about the importance of a responsive design can also be quite beneficial.Mobile sales have already surpassed desktop sales and the use of the mobile internet is also increasing steadily. Since approximately 67 percent of all users have claimed that they are much more likely to purchase from a website that is mobile-friendly, companies that are reliant on SEO are smart in making the change to incorporate a mobile-friendly site. Some of the specific reasons it is time to hire a Website Design Iowa SEO service to help with the creation of a responsive site are found here.It’s Recommended by GoogleWhen Google speaks, marketers tend to listen. Google has made the statement that having a responsive design is the suggested option for a mobile friendly site and it has even been named the industry’s best practice. This is because when a responsive site is created, they will have only one URL and a single HTML no matter the device that is being used. This makes it easier to organize, index and crawl the site.A Single Website works on Many DevicesAn appealing feature of responsive web design is that it offers a better user experience across a number of devices and countless screen sizes. This is a crucial characteristic since it is completely impossible to anticipate the number of different screen sizes and devices that may be used to access a specific website. When a Des Moines Web Design company creates a responsive site, then it will work regardless of the variables, therefore offering a much more consistent user experience than having a completely separate mobile site.Remember, not all companies offering Web Design Des Moines are created equally. This means it is essential to take some time to understand what helps to set one option apa