Destiny Davis

President of JFIG Real Estate Investing in Newport Beach, CA

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On August 24, 1985, Glendora, California, welcomed Destiny Davis, a force of ambition and perseverance. Her life's journey has been a rich tapestry of unwavering dedication and impressive feats, creating a narrative that resonates with the essence of true success.

A testament to her intellectual prowess, she completed her high school education at just 16 and promptly pursued her passion for economics and business law at UNLV, graduating in 2008. Her academic journey continued as she attained an MBA focusing on finance from Pepperdine University.

A significant tenure marked her professional path as COO of a thriving plastic surgery practice in Las Vegas, where she honed her skills in management and sales. The realm of real estate beckoned her in 2015, where she carved a niche for herself, swiftly climbing the ranks. Her proficiency led to a coveted spot on the Eklund | Gomes Team at Douglas Elliman in 2017, furthering their reach into the West Coast market. Her successful streak in selling upscale homes earned her appearances on the acclaimed show "Million Dollar Listing." In 2020, she stepped up as President of the JF Investment Group, delving into commercial real estate with a sharp eye for lucrative investments, holding licenses across California and Nevada.

Beyond business, she is deeply committed to charitable endeavors, significantly aiding animals and children. She also extends her compassion and leadership to teaching yoga at a center for women recovering from human trafficking.

Her personal life is a reflection of her passion for well-being and spirituality. Her yoga practice started at 16 and has been a cornerstone of her lifestyle, leading her to earn a 200-hour yoga alliance teaching certificate in 2018. She is also an emotional practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, often organizing sessions for her inner circle.

Her interests are eclectic, ranging from the tranquility of nature to the exhilaration of outdoor sports, with golf becoming a newfound passion during the pandemic lockdowns. She also dived into personal real estate investment, focusing on single-family home renovations. A private development connoisseur, she frequents seminars led by luminaries like Tony Robbins, continually seeking growth.

Davis's life reflects a harmonious blend of professional ambition and personal well-being, a beacon for those aiming to achieve a balanced, fulfilling life.

  • Education
    • (M.B.A.) at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School
    • Bachelor's degree at University of Nevada-Las Vega