Detailing in Sarasota

Project Manager, Designer, and Consultant in Sarasota, Fl

While still a high school student, Brandon Wergelis launched Brandon's Auto Detailing to get his business off the ground. Wergelis soon understood that he wanted to make automobiles glitter full-time. He discovered his passion and made the decision that he wanted to expand the company. Wergelis started his vehicle detailing company in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, after graduating from high school. Wergelis got the chance to relocate his firm to Florida and start providing vehicle detailing in Sarasota after five years of doing so in Pennsylvania. Wergelis founded his first shop in 2017 and started selling vehicle cleaning and paint correction services. Wergs Detail is the name of his company. By 2019, his company had expanded even further, so he changed the name to Wergs Automotive to better reflect the expanded offerings.