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Arbitrary drug tests in workplace are a common trend these days. Every employer wants their employees to get drug free, which is fine.

The key to achievement for any organization are its employees. But, in case employees start showing unprofessional behavior in the workplace and then that's where the problem starts. One of the reasons for this kind of behavior can lead drug use.

When employees get drugs it has an adverse effect on their health and safety. Additionally, it results in decreased productivity and poor employee well-being. You can also incur additional costs in the form of health care statements, especially short term disability claims.

With marijuana becoming legal in most states, the impact of drug screening on employees has seen a decline within the last few years. So far, companies in states that have legalized either recreational or medicinal marijuana are in the lead on dropping drug tests. A survey a year ago by the Mountain States Employers Council of 609 Colorado employers found that the share of businesses testing for marijuana use fell to 66 percent, down from 77 percent the year before.

Nonetheless, if you smoke a doobie every now and then for entertainment, the chances of THC molecules being present in your body is very high. And, it might lead to a rejected software if you’re tested positive.

But, worry not! We will tell you about different methods which you can use to pass an upcoming substance test with flying colors.

There are tons and dozens of synthetic urine brand names out there. But, the best synthetic urine has to fulfill some specific standards.

Does synthetic urine function?

Yes, but you have to be a bit picky about deciding on the best one because laboratories are starting to test for your presence of synthetic urine. The best fake pee should have exactly the variety and the quantity of ingredients that can be found in real human urine.

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Remember that THC is highly fat soluble. This means that while liver organ is always working to get rid of it, some of the metabolites tend to be ‘trapped’ in the fatty cells. Read more on how detox drinks help get rid of toxins from your body.