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DWTA shares tips on safely de-icing a windshield

The Detroit Windshield Technicians Association (DWTA) has shared some advice on how to safely de-ice a windshield. DWTA President Peter Kinley says technicians like them understand that seeing one’s windshield filled with snow can just be annoying. “Imagine having to remove the ice to press on through the whole day of work and errands, can just be a big hassle. For this reason some vehicle owners are constrained to just try some ways to immediately de-ice their windshields, but unfortunately not all of the ways to defrost can be safe for the windshield. Some could end up cracking or worse, breaking it,” says Kinley. “For this reason we have decided to post in our website some helpful tips on quickly removing snow and frost from the windshield without damaging it,” Kinley adds.

Car blog Axle Addict has shared to its readers, a de-icing technique that according to the author could just be one of the safest for the windshield. The recipe for the de-icing spray mentioned in the blog only calls for isopropyl alcohol and water.

Check out the full write-up here.

The Farmers’ Almanac also offered some Do-It-Yourself Spray solutions that can effectively de-ice windshields. One of the recipes they featured in their blog post is the vodka spray solution. In that same article they also warned about using vinegar as it may be corrosive to the chrome components of a car.

“If you can’t take preventive measures, such as draping a tarp, large piece of cardboard, or blanket over your windshield before bad weather moves in, and you don’t have a garage to park in, here are some effective DIY solutions to loosen that nasty ice, other than running the vehicle: Vodka – Vodka contains ethanol which, if you’ve ever stored a bottle in the freezer, you know it doesn’t freeze. ”

The full article can be found here.

More ways to de-ice a windshield

DIY Network also came up with a comprehensive write-up on how to effectively de-ice a windshield. In the article they however mentioned that preventing a snow overload in the windshield is so much better than having do de-ice and scrape it.

Their suggested tips has been published here.

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