Pasvantis Antonis

Circus performer and aerialist in Cirque Musical, Owner and aerial teacher in Circus space, and aerial acrobat in Athens, Greece

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Antonis Pasvantis (DEVA) is a diverse artist who spans in many fields of the circus arts. He holds the title of the World Fire Artist of 2022 that won in Esthonia (Talin).

He has studied at the circus spaces Espai de Circ in Valencia (Spain) and KataKomben in Berlin (Germany).In the experimental theatre S.MOY.Θ (Synergy Music Theatre) at Larisa (Greece).

He is a fire flow artist (double staffs, dragon staff, fire ropes, swing clubs, fans and pois). An aerial silks acrobat and a contact crystal juggler. The owner of the circus space ΄Aerial Circus Lab΄in Athens.

Creator and director of the contemporary circus team ΄Cirque Musical'.

Director and performer of the circus performances ΄Magic of Dreams΄, ΄The Journey of Life΄,΄Seven΄and ΄Fire Dance΄.

He collaborated at 2011 with the Greek National Theatre in the play ΄Skinovates΄. He participated in the rock opera 'Dragon' in 2013 at Melina Merkouri theater, at the show 'Mata Harry' in 2012, in the show ΄Vendetta΄in 2010 at music hall Casablanca and in many other showcases.
Performed in big events and gigs for Vogue, Aston Martini, Yamaha, LG, Samsung, Vodaphone and many more.

He participated in many international festivals around the world such as Kiev Fire Fest (Ukraine) / Phoenix fire convention (Germany) / Artemisian fire gathering (Italy) / Burning Mountain festival (Switzerland) / Puppet Fairy in Sofia (Bulgary) / The 31st session of the nation in Nanjing ( China) with HELIX street theater group / Flaming Nights (Czech Republic) / European Juggling Convention in Toulouse (France) / 1st ,2nd and 5th International Street Theater Festival in Athens / Busker fest (Skopje)

Right now he has his own circus show in Avlaia theatre (GR) and performs in Parfiet restaurant,one of the biggest show in Athens (GR).

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