Device Online

Software Engineer and Web Developer in London, United Kingdom

Visit my website offers to all the users an application that is beneficial to every person that want to connect its laptop or PC to home network devices like Smart TV, tablet or even a smart phone. You can Download DeviceOnline and use it to stream video files to your Smart TV and enjoy the home cinema.

The good news is that both the software itself and the Website is constantly updated by its creators and they add more new and interesting features.


One of the latest innovations is "Channels". There users can find interesting videos in Yotube of various themes - sports, music videos and many more. With just one click the video is added to the software DEViceOnline and with another one click it could be played directly on the TV.


Very interesting part which can be seen at is also "reviews". There are many reviews with complete, useful and qualitative information on many themes. Full review of TVs, bookmakers etc.

For example on the following link

we could find deep features reviews of Device Online media sharing capabilities and features. You can find additional information about different protocols like DLNA, UPnP and other technical reviews.