i'm H.alanezi

I don’t talk too much because I think it isn’t necessary most of the time.

I hardly ever get interested in someone, so that’s why I like to stay alone.

I am attracted to the nature of evil. I am into the dark side of anything and everything.

I love the simpsons and adventure time, I love zombies and vampires and mermaids.

i'm seriously obsessed with hisoka !!

i'm so awkward and I push people away (I don't want to though) and i'm not good at keeping in touch with people i'm a shy person :c

I think not even my friends know the real me, they have a distorted vision of who I am.

My life is shit because nobody supports my decisions, so they prevent me from doing what I like, but I am just waiting a chance to show what I am capable of and then they can just fuck off.

We are a part of a generation that everybody considers himself/herself different, but the ones that really detach from the crowd suffer for being special.

kik : h_501.

Snap chat : h_501

" I am broken in so many ways that I don't feel i'll ever be repaired "