Devin Carlson

Sudbury, ON

Devin Carlson, Drupal Distribution Engineer at Acquia, is a Drupal developer, computer technician and home theatre specialist who tries to combine his love of technology, programming and music at all times.

Devin got his start in the world of technology by building and selling custom computer systems in elementary school to fund his desire to play with some of the latest gadgets and hardware. His love of music made moving into the field of home theatre assembly and calibration a natural second step. He then took an interest in web development and soon came across Drupal which he now works with on a full-time basis.

Devin lives in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada with his wife Donna Keranen and their pet chinchilla Ryuzaki. There's only a slim chance of catching him away from a keyboard but if you do, he is probably washing his car, playing video games, at the movies or going out for fish with his friends.

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