Devin Abellon

the valley of the sun. phoenix. arizona

after graduating with a degree in engineering, i parlayed my shoe-selling experience into an all-too-brief career peddling non-footwear-related goods (men's sportswear and electronics) at two fine retailers (dillards and radio shack) at the fiesta mall in beautiful mesa, arizona. i eventually left the mall, along with the lucrative mall discount, to pursue a career in engineering. after two years at a reputable mid-sized phoenix-based consulting firm, i took a position at one of the top consulting firms in arizona, then went on to manage their california operations in san diego for a number of years. i now work as a business development manager for an international plastics manufacturer. i live in phoenix with my wife, two kids, chocolate labrador, and noodle dog.

i have always enjoyed the creative process of storytelling. like many who share this passion, however, i seem to lack the patience, focus, and time to commit myself to my craft. to date, i have been hesitant to let others read what little i have written, fearing criticism or worst yet, total indifference. so, through the wonder of the world wide web, i have set up this site, not because i think that people actually care about what i do or think or feel or experience on a day to day basis (i'll leave that validation to facebook likes) but as a way to share my writing with anyone who happens to take interest. please comment, one way or another, whether they make you feel good or make you feel angry for the time you wasted reading them. okay? thank you...

  • Work
    • uponor. business development manager
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    • ucsb. bsme