Devina Avilla

Full Name : Theresia Avilla Devina Kurniaputri.

Age : 16 (turns 17 this October).

Date of Birth : October 24th 1995.

Phone / Mobile : +6285755506888.

Email / YM :

Aiiiy. I’m Theresia Avilla Devina Kurniaputri. It’s quite long, but just call me whatever you want, it’s alright. How about one more thing the stuff you read here is not everything about me, this is just what I want you to know. Find out who I am yourself. You’ll catch on. I’m Indonesian-Chinese, sixteen-years-old-young, and already taken. Those are the basic questions I always get asked. I’m not exactly what you would expect. One thing I absolutely hate the most is when people don’t use good grammar. If you write like this: h3y wh@t$ n3w?, I hate looking stupid `cause it takes me a while to get what your saying. I have a pretty hard life. It’s cooool. I’m moody at times, I’m sorry I can’t help it. I’m chill, but I love to have fun. I have so many inside jokes I can’t remember them all. I love music, and the guitar. My life is pretty effed up if you know what I mean.. but I’m someone you’d like to get to know. I’m always willing to make new friends, and I absolutely love smiling! I’m one of those people that will be sad but can always smile and you can tell there’s nothing wrong. I am very outgoing, get to know me more and you won’t regret it. I never take things for granite and i will never ruin our friendship. I am the person you can tell secrets to and i won’t say a thing. I love to have your back and be there when you feel sad. I have had bad thing happen to me but that doesn’t mean i will have a bruise and keep crying about it. I am the person you will love to hang with. Sometimes i can't hang becuase i am the soo called "nerd". I hate being judged, if you judge me i will hate you. Seriously. If i hate you you will total know i do becuase i don't talk or look at you and don't even care if your talking to me. I Wouldn’t Be Me Without: iPod, music, monster energy, eyeliner, skinny jeans, crayons, straitener, shorts, t-shirts, bracelets, video games, smiles, chapstick, burger king crowns, photography, mechanical pencils, twistables, cover up, chex mix, duct tape, slippers, quotes.